Swimming limerick poem


Posted on 25, June The swim then passes where the Curragower Salmon Fishermen used to moor their angling cots and dry their nets. Some of their cottages are still occupied by the old families. When the tide is full out it is worthwhile to come back to see the impressive waterfalls here. The Treaty Stone is the logo symbol for Limerick Masters Club and features on the race swim hat and in many official representative crests associated with the county. In more recent times Maureen Sparling who has strong links with Limerick Swimming has also written some beautiful poetry about the area.

When swimming towards the castle sometimes the setting sun illuminates the walls with a beautiful light and swimmers have been seen to stop and admire the view. However our advice is to keep the head down as there is still a lot of swimming to be done and this part of the swim can be challenging. The swim then takes you across the mouth of the Abbey River referred to by local fishermen as Hells Gate. However as we will be swimming at high tide we will have an easy crossing.

In recent races it has been observed that many swimmers for some reason or other achieve their fastest times during this part of the swim when passing the Court House, Customs and Revenue buildings.

However some strong swimming will still be required downstream to bring the swimmers past both the Shannon and Limerick Boat Clubs before taking a sharp left into the finish the race near the Sin Bin on Howleys Quay. By Paul Kearney. Search for:.All afternoon I have been struggling to communicate in Italian with Roberto and Giuseppe, who have begun to resemble the two male characters in my Italian for Beginners, the ones who are always shopping or inquiring about the times of trains, and now I can hardly speak or write English.

Short but didn't really help me. Report Reply. Short but nice poem Report Reply. Now that is awesome how he trusts the reader to understand without having to have it broke down in words of one syllable! Great understatement and humor Report Reply.

And this site has the copyright license to publish Collins' poems, I take it? Saying 'we'll take it down if he asks us to' is to act in bad faith. After struggling to communicate with family members today I turned to poetry and found this.

Humorous, calming, clever. Thanks, Billy. Well, the problem is easily fixed - by including the whole thing in this comment. I have made important pronouncements in this remote limestone valley with its trickle of a river, stating that it seems hotter today even than it was yesterday and that swimming is very good for you, very beneficial, you might say.

I also posed burning questions about the hours of the archaeological museum and the location of the local necropolis. But now I am alone in the evening light which has softened the white cliffs, and I have had a little gin in a glass with ice which has softened my mood or— how would you say in English— has allowed my thoughts to traverse my brain with greater gentleness, shall we say, or, to put it less literally, this drink has extended permission to my mind to feel—what's the word?

If, in the month of dark December, Leander, who was nightly wont What maid will not the tale remember? To cross thy stream, broad Hellespont! If, when the wintry tempest roar'd, He sped to Hero, nothing loth, And thus of old thy current pour'd, Fair Venus!

For me, degenerate modern wretch, Though in the genial month of May, My dripping limbs I faintly stretch, And think I've done a feat today. But since he cross'd the rapid tide, According to the doubtful story, To woo, -- and -- Lord knows what beside, And swam for Love, as I for Glory; 'Twere hard to say who fared the best: Sad mortals!

swimming limerick poem

He lost his labour, I my jest; For he was drown'd, and I've the ague. She tried to warn me right from the start, she said she had a friend that had stolen her heart, even though I was warned from the very beginning I liked her so much I kept right on swimming, I know winning her over would be tough to do so, when she gave me an opening I slipped right through, Now that I'm in the water seemed to have gotten deeper, I'm not so sure that she's a real keeper, I think she swims along plays her part, but she can't 'feel' because she doesn't have a heart, I've even thought about backing off so, maybe she could find the soulmate she'd lost, but I also know that she really needs me and swimming away from her isn't quite so easy, but so often I ask myself what role do I play am I just another 'fish' or am I standing in the way, I hate being confused from one day to the next, feels like I'm tangled up in a fisherman's net, a part of me would like to leave and get out of the dark but there's the other side thats madly in love with the shark.

How nice to swim in sea, river, lake and pond! Floating body, pressing water, moving forward How nice to enjoy spattering, splashing sound! Gesturing body, flapping wing, clapping hand, I remember once while swimming with friend To cross the local river to go to enjoy local band Where we saw the singers sang hand in hand In sweet voice, shaking body, hair, opening mind, On the way home longitudinally in river we swam All the while we gossiped and made lots of fun Then we dove, caught fishes, late we returned home Many happy did return in every sun and moon, Now, we swim paying money in swimming pool And in artificial lake without lily though waterful But funless swimming, charmless time passing Though it is a game here with heavy contesting.

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swimming limerick poem

Autoplay next video. Taleah Capewell wfstu. Swimming Poems. George Gordon Byron 5.A limerick is a short and fun five-line poem with a distinctive rhythm. The first, second and fifth lines are longer than the third and fourth lines.

The longer A lines rhyme with each other and the shorter B lines rhyme with each other. Looking for more Limericks? Want to Write Your own Limerick? A wonderful bird is the pelican, His bill will hold more than his belican, He can take in his beak Enough food for a week.

Read Complete Poem. If ice cream could be grown on the tree top, Tiny tummies would be liking it lots. Any fruit flavour For all to savour. Winning was an unexpected surprise. To my mind, all of the entries were worthy winners. Yours I Read complete story. Oh, I wish that I had a green thumb.

All my houseplants are looking quite glum. I never can tell Why they're looking unwell. There once was a fellow named Abe And today is the day he was slayed John Wilkes Booth took his life As he sat with his wife. If a person would have several friends, here's the thing upon which it depends; are you willing to share when there isn't much there.

I remember when I was small and cool, I was always playing truant from school. My mum used to say, "You'll regret it one day. It's only now that I'm older I realise my school years were the best days of my life.

Swimming Song - CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

If only I could turn back time. There's this subject called chemistry how it works is a total mystery it is an atom says my madam. Once I did hear my brother call The sun a giant fire ball. How can that be? For what I see. The poem written in simple colloquial language expresses the genuine thoughts of an innocent child who admires nature.

There's a lady in each of our lives Who endured all the lows and the highs That her children went through Like the mumps or the flu. There was a boisterous boy called Joe Who loved to play in the fresh falling snow. He went sledging one day On his wild husky powered sleigh. Menu Search Login Loving. Keep me logged in. Limericks Email Share. More Limericks! Featured Shared Story.

swimming limerick poem

I never can tell Why they're looking unwell Read Complete Poem. Friendship Limerick By Steve Mckee Published: April If a person would have several friends, here's the thing upon which it depends; are you willing to share when there isn't much there Read Complete Poem.

Boisterous Joe!Summer is the stuff of dreams. When adults sit at their desks, and children sit in school, they dream of summer. Summer is the time of infinite fun. The day seems to last forever, and the fun never stops. It is a time of romance, excitement and an enhanced enjoyment of life.

A limerick poem on swimming?

Somehow summer never seems to last long enough. It is always over before we get a chance to fully experience its power. This is true of all things wonderful. They always seem too short. The grass so green, the sun so bright. Life seems a dream, no worries in sight. I really love this site. I have become very inspired by this. I want to read more poems about all the relationships and a lot more things on earth.

Thank you. The familiar rhythm of the cricket's chirps Create the soundtrack for each day, Echoing Summer's end And that Autumn's on her way. I am from Sri Lanka, an Asian country. We don't have separate seasons but bright sun throughout the year. However, as I have read a lot about summer in literature, the poem makes me visualize Read complete story.

Summer's splendor by the sea, a gentle, blue serenity. Caressing rays of golden sun. Read Complete Poem. Morning's soft air, touching everything with such care, Caresses a young face in a quiet, secluded place.

Smile planted strong, heart beating on.Come Back Sun What would happen if the sun disappeared one day? The astronomers are baffled because they thought that it would stay. News reporters are eager to get in on reports from the skies. As time goes by, the sun is sitting cold millions of miles away. They launched a plan to bring it back to shining bright among the stars.

The people were ecstatic, they were finally going to be warm. Too bad the plan did not work, the sun is so far. Will we ever get back to our warm happy days of full reservoirs? It seems like a long, long time ago but, I can still remember how the sun used to shine.

Now we are living here in a world so cold. Nobody comes outside anymore because they are waiting for a sign. If we ever ever got a chance, I would be outside to dance but, that would be so very bold. All the trees are frozen, this all seems so hopeless.

Swimming to the Rock

All the livestock have died, we are living off of food in cans. When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by pure darkness. We were going to go to Hawaii, but this really shattered all our plans.

It seems like forever since I have seen a plane, flying effortlessly in the sky and a bird in a tree, it seems so unnatural to me When will this all be over?

When will we get to see the sun again? When we do we'll all be in pure ecstasy. One day, one day we will see birds and bees living in trees, lions and tigers roaming their territory, bison and deer grazing in the prairie, and birds flying through the sky One day, the sun will come back. Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow. Learn commenting. Have a nice trip There once was a man who had sneezed Not knowing that he was diseased He infected us all Now we run, trip and fall And all die as we fall to our knees!

Inbox x.Let our robots write a limerick based on your name. We automatically find rhymes for key details, and fit your input to the classic five-line rhyming limerick structure. Online limerick generators seem to come in two categories - ones that guide you through the process of writing your own, and ones that select rewritten lines and jumble them up. These are great fun but a little limited.

Our automatic limerick generator looks up rhymes for your input on the fly. So, if you want to write about somebody with a particular name, interest, or from a certain place, you can tap that in, and we'll try to find lines that rhyme for you. The results are sometimes surprising, but always provide an excellent starting point for creating your own limericks.

Masterpiece Generator. Please note: this generator brings in words from an external source, which can occasionally include potentially offensive content. If so, please enter your email address. Otherwise leave blank. Why Use Our Limerick Generator Online limerick generators seem to come in two categories - ones that guide you through the process of writing your own, and ones that select rewritten lines and jumble them up.

Limerick Generator Quickly write a limerick. Contact: writer poem-generator.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! The first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables while rhyming and having the same verbal rhythm.

Edward Leara famous British poet, and writer of literary nonsense, is widely considered the father of the limerick. He didn't write the first limerick - the first limericks came about in the early s and are often preserved in folk songs - but he popularized the form. More importantly, he wrote some of the best.

His limericks often consisted of stories about an old man:. There was a Young Lady of Dorking, Who bought a large bonnet for walking; But its colour and size, So bedazzled her eyes, That she very soon went back to Dorking. There was a Young Person of Crete, Whose toilette was far from complete; She dressed in a sack, Spickle-speckled with black, That ombliferous person of Crete.

The earliest known example comes from the 11th century! In that time, there has been more than enough opportunity to pen a few classics. Here follows some examples of limericks from famous authors:. A famed poet and humorist, Dixon Lanier Merritt's limerick is often misattributed to poet Ogden Nash:. Did you know that James Joyce or Salman Rushdie had written limericks? It's surprising just how many famed writers have turned to this nonsense poetry form, as you can see from this further list of classic limericks.

There was an Old Man of St. The wonderful thing about limericks is that anyone can write them.

Achieving Goal, 120 Laps In One Hour (Limerick) - Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD

The simple rhythm and form are ideal for anyone inclined to write something silly. There was an old drunkard of Devon, Who died and ascended to Heaven; But he cried: 'This is Hades- There are no naughty ladies, And the pubs are all shut by eleven. There was a young lady of Lynn, Who was so uncommonly thin That when she essayed To drink lemonade She slipped through the straw and fell in.

Relentless, insatiable deadlines! This manuscript's still full of red lines. First I'll sweat through the edits and check all the credits then chill with my favorite red wine.

New and original limericks are still being written today. We can prove it! So… enjoy! There was a young lady of Nice, Who insisted on bathing in grease. She slid through the house Tormenting her spouse Til he hid in the oven for peace.

That very same lady, I'm told Had a pet most uncommonly bold Not a cat, rat or woodchuck But a self-driving tow truck That dragged her young man down the road. But her husband cried aloud, "Cease! He popped every tire Then said "I perspire," And joined his dear wife in the grease. Literary nonsense is a rich and enjoyable genre. Limericks are just the beginning. Our examples demonstrate the accessibility and diversity of the limerick form.

For some further examples of funny limericks, why not write your own? Home Examples Limerick Examples.

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